Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, Marley got out of the bar and ran down the street towards the subway. He jumped the fare gate and ran straight down the stairs towards the train. But he didn't quite make it. He tripped over a banana peel and fell into the track just as a train was coming. Only a quick move into the gap prevented him from being run over in the end. As soon as the train moved out of the station, he jumped onto the back car and opened the conductor's door, running straight into the train's last car.
Unfortunately, 3 MBTA Police officers and a Boston cop were waiting to jump on him and pounce him to the floor. He would spend Christmas Day awaiting arrangement on multiple counts.

Nobody in the family attended the arraignment. They were too busy planning for their parents' funeral, which would take place the next day. The Church of the Advent would host the funeral with a full Requiem Mass and burial service. More than 2,000 people would attend that service. Following that would be a smaller service that would have a sparse attendance-the bartender and his patrons, who volunteered to help bury the 12 year old boy who'd been shot that same evening. (It was found out that his parents had abandoned him to a home for orphans and had died that same evening.)
Of course, the local media from all over New England made the Crachts' story front page news and it would soon be picked up by CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC, not to mention reporters from the BBC & Sky News in Britain(Dave & Belle Crachit were, of course, British citizens living in the States).
It would be months before Marley's case came to trial...but what followed next is so bizarre you have to read it to believe it!

To be continued...