Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The five children are as follows:
Betsy, 19, a sophmore at UMass Boston;
Craig, 12, a sixth-grade student at Holy Family Parochial School in South Boston;
Marilou & Charles, 8, twin brother and sister and 3rd. grade students at that same school;
and Tommy, 5, born with several birth defects. He was known as "Toughie Tommy," because he believed in enduring his disability with grace.
Well, those kids told what happened to their parents and the cops went straight to work on trying to arrest him. Meanwhile, Marley was running through into the subway when a 12-year-old boy asked him for some spare change. Marvin was so angry that he shot the boy then and there.
2 MBTA cops started chaising him but he shot them at them, wounding one and sending the other sprawling down the escalator. He ran into a bar and pulled out his pistol.
"Hand me your money or you're dead!" he shouted. People screamed and pulled out whatever they had. Marley picked it up and bolted saying, "Don't you tell anyone or I'll come back and kill you all!"


Marvin Marley had fired Dave Crachit 2 days earlier on Christmas Eve when it was found out that Efram Poppagill didn't get the Fedex package that had been sent the previous day.
"Cracht!" Marvin shouted. "That package you sent to Poppagill last night didn't get there! You're in for trouble!"
Dave checked the Fedex delivery system on his computer and it revealed that the plane had crashed off of Newfoundland an hour after take off. However, when Dave told Marvin what had happened, he wouldn't hear of it.
"Clear out of here, Crachit," he shouted, "or I'll have you hanging by your nuts!" And with that, Marvin waved his cane at him, causing Dave to dive out of the way. Marley fell down a flight of stairs before landing on his buttocks.
Dave ran out of the office and headed home to his house in South Boston, where he told his wife Belle what had happened. When he told her that Marley had sacked him, Belle reassured him that everything would be all right.

And up until they sat down at dinner with the family that evening, it was. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.
"David," Belle said, "I'll get up to answer it."
"Okay," Dave said. "Probably it's Pip from the store."
As Belle opened the door, there stood Marvin Marley with a new pistol.
"Mr. Marley!" Belle screamed.
Marvin shot Belle point black in the face. Dave screamed in horror and rushed towards her, but was shot in the throat. The 5 children ran out of the kitchen by the back door. Marvin didn't go after the children; he merely took off. The Boston Police was making the rounds so the kids stopped the car and told the cops what happened.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

DECEMBER 26TH., 2001!

"Docket #2352212: People of Massachusetts vs. Marvin Marley. Charges: 1 count of arson, 1 count of robbery, 2 counts of murder in the first degree, 1 count of attempted murder resulting in the disability of a third victim, and 1 count of capital murder involving a child."
"How does the defendant plead?"
"Not guilty, your honor."
"People on bail?"
"People ask remand, your honor."
"Your honor, my client is a respected businessman here on the South Shore.."
"He's also a skinflint! Defendant is remanded without bond!"