Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The five children are as follows:
Betsy, 19, a sophmore at UMass Boston;
Craig, 12, a sixth-grade student at Holy Family Parochial School in South Boston;
Marilou & Charles, 8, twin brother and sister and 3rd. grade students at that same school;
and Tommy, 5, born with several birth defects. He was known as "Toughie Tommy," because he believed in enduring his disability with grace.
Well, those kids told what happened to their parents and the cops went straight to work on trying to arrest him. Meanwhile, Marley was running through into the subway when a 12-year-old boy asked him for some spare change. Marvin was so angry that he shot the boy then and there.
2 MBTA cops started chaising him but he shot them at them, wounding one and sending the other sprawling down the escalator. He ran into a bar and pulled out his pistol.
"Hand me your money or you're dead!" he shouted. People screamed and pulled out whatever they had. Marley picked it up and bolted saying, "Don't you tell anyone or I'll come back and kill you all!"

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