Wednesday, November 26, 2008


"Next," Collins continued, "he set the house on fire, causing the 5 kids to flee the scene. One of the nieces met the kids outside and he took a shot at her. The bullet entered her throat, cut her vocal chords, went on to snap her spinal cord and land in the head of a nearby dog. In his attempt to flee, he shot a 12 year old boy begging for change. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
"And finally, he went into a store and robbed clients of over $50,000 bucks in cash and jewels. He would've gotten away with it if it were not for our finest police men. I'm asking you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury to convict this tight-fisted Scrooge-like murder."

After Collins set down, the public defender, none other than Brian Jones, began his opening statement.
"The reason Mr. Marley is on trial, ladies and gentlemen of the jury," Jonesy began, "is because the decedent failed to have a package delivered to one of Marley's clients, Efeream Poppagill, who lives halfway across the world in London, England."

"Attention, everyone!" a woman's voice was heard.

As the reporters and spectators sat in the galleries, the lady in question, one of the court reporters, came in and announced, "The Company has set the theme for Valentine's Day. The men are coming in dressed in Pampers with little red sashes over their shoulders..."

The reaction was immediate! More later.


Let us now move to May...

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury," Dave Collins, the District Attorney began, "here you see before you is the defendant-one of the richest, and most tight-fisted, men in the country. A man who is responsible for the murder of his clerk and spouse. On Christmas Eve 2001, owing to a misunderstanding over a Fedex package that wasn't delivered, Marvin Marley confronted his clerk Dave Crachit and told him he was fired."

At last the trial's begun, thought many of us watching the proceedings.

"After being violently confronted by his clerk, Marley tracked down his whereabouts and arrived at his home in South Boston. There, he shot and killed him and his wife and permanently disabled one of their nieces, who was holding a Christmas Eve party for the family. Then he set fire to the house and left his orphaned kids without a home."

Continued through the weekend...

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So Marvin Marley was a fugitive on the lam from the law. Every single airport and border crossing in the USA was posting a wanted sign for him, but somehow Marley knew how to sneak through without being seen. After driving all day through Northern Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, Marvin ditched the car at the Derby Line General Store and tiptoed into Quebec, Canada without being spotted by the Mounties or the INS.

He'd picked up a fraudulent passport with the name of Carlton Dickens near Burlington and decided to sneak into the Great North before hitching a ride to Montreal, where he could board a plane for his native London, England.

Little did he imagine that when he walked into a town just inside Canadian space, someone spotted him and said, "C'est il!" (It's him!) Marvin recoiled in horror before jumping into a taxicab and speeding off(the driver had left his keys in the car). Naturally, when the cab driver saw his car disappearing, he motioned a nearby GRC (French for RCMP) squad car to follow it.

As Marley turned on the radio to the local English CBC station, the announcer was ordering all listeners that the RCMP had posted an all points bulletin for his capture, and that they were to be on the lookout for him. "If you spot Mr. Marley," the announcer said, "don't approach him yourself; call your local police detachment."

Damnit, someone had reported him to the Canuck Cops. "Turning to tonight's hockey matchup," the announcer began, but Marley turned the radio off. Within seconds, several Surete and RCMP cars were on his tail. Marvin shot the gas up to 100 mph. in order to out run them. However, the taxi sideswiped a chicken coop and overturned in the middle of the highway. Marley didn't have a seatbelt on, so he was ejected from the vehicle and crashed into the windshield of a nearby school bus.

Marley hit the ground with several cuts in his body as the glass fell out of him. Seconds later, 20 cops surrounded him. No sooner did they try to lay hands on him than he collapsed, moaning in pain.

To be continued...

Monday, November 17, 2008


"Marvin Marley has escaped from jail," one of the TV stations is saying. They're reporting that Marley sneaked out of his cell at the Charles Street Jail and is on the run from the law. Oh, great! They've got everybody worried. Also, Sandy Claws has been released on bail after the Governor spoke with the judge in his arraignment last week.
Meanwhile the weatherman is calling for another winter storm. Last week, they were predicting a foot of snow in Boston and along the Cape, but the storm moved over Boston, pushing the blizzard conditions into the western suburbs, while Boston was hit with severe thunderstorms that produced 3 tornadoes in Plymouth County and 2 more on Cape Cod. As far as the snow was concerned, we dodged a bullet. But with those tornadic thunderstorms, we got hit with a bomb! This time, however, the storm will stay South of us, putting us into 6 to 12 inches of heavy snow in the Boston and South Shore areas, with 5 to 10 inches in the Northern and Western suburbs. (There will be a change to rain on the Cape, though.)
As I change the channel, I muse on what's going on with Marley. The Crachit family's released a statement, stating their disapproval for the law enforcement's mishandling of the whole case. And they finish off wiith a threat: "If you people don't bring him to justice, we will!"
Hoo Boy!