Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Let us now move to May...

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury," Dave Collins, the District Attorney began, "here you see before you is the defendant-one of the richest, and most tight-fisted, men in the country. A man who is responsible for the murder of his clerk and spouse. On Christmas Eve 2001, owing to a misunderstanding over a Fedex package that wasn't delivered, Marvin Marley confronted his clerk Dave Crachit and told him he was fired."

At last the trial's begun, thought many of us watching the proceedings.

"After being violently confronted by his clerk, Marley tracked down his whereabouts and arrived at his home in South Boston. There, he shot and killed him and his wife and permanently disabled one of their nieces, who was holding a Christmas Eve party for the family. Then he set fire to the house and left his orphaned kids without a home."

Continued through the weekend...

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