Monday, April 27, 2009


As Charley H. Martin, a laid-off T inspector, is watching the TV at Crowley's Bar and the Peter Pan Lounge on Mengele Highway in Beltsville, the news on a Providence station is telling about the umpteenth delay in the start of the Marvin Marley trial. The barman switches to a channel that shows a video of him sitting on a big throne. Suddenly, a timpani roll is heard and a man holdling a crown stands next to him.
"Indispensable knowledge of all trains!" he shouts.
The close up on him-
"I proudly crown thee, Mr. Charley H. Martin!"
As he places the crown on his head, water comes out of him, making him wet.'
"I'm getting the fuck outta here!" he shouts, throwing the crown to the floor.
"No, wait!" the man shouts. "Don't go! They love you..."
But he gets knocked down on the floor as the guy takes off.
"Hey," the barman says, "is that you?"
"No," Charley says. "Somebody's trying to cash in on my image."
"Oh, well," the man shrugs as he gets up. "that was Charlie H. Martin, indispensable knowledge of all trains."
"Yeah, and of jerking off, too!" some smart ass in the audience yells.
"He was jerking off!"
The man jumps into the audience and starts beating up the brat!

To be continued....yeah, right!

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