Thursday, August 26, 2010


8 months had passed, and now Marvin Marley's trial was set to resume.

There was just one problem. He'd escaped again the previous night. There had been a fire in the jail where Marvin was awaiting his trial. In the confusion of all the fire apparatus and rioting in the jail, Marley had sneaked out and stolen a police car. He took it to a nearby railroad track where he sneaked onto a train headed for New York City.

He was now miles away from the courthouse as the day's business began.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury," the prosecutor began, "it's a shame that the defendant, Marvin Marley, is on the run from the law. But I've got compelling evidence that will show you the cruel intentions behind this crime.

"Someone in the Marley family has spoken up that Marvin raped her while she was in high school in Japan. And it's with her that I'll start the case.

"The prosecution calls Kumi Tanaka Marley to the stand."


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