Monday, December 5, 2011


"Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?"


"Ms. Tanaka, we heard that you were raped during your school days in Japan?"


 "Tell us about it, please."

"When I was 14 years old, Marvin Marley was having a fall out with my father, who was a Sales Manager for the Nitchubitsu electronics firm. One day he was trying to introduce a new High Definition Television, but Mr. Marley shouted during his presentation." "Is that the new TV marketed under the Debutante HD name here in the States?" "Yes. My Father told him to get out, but he punched him in the face. I tried to help him, but he grabbed me and pulled him to his Toyota, pushed me into the back seat and sped off."

 "How long were you in there?"

 "About 5 hours. He drove through Tokyo and then out into the suburbs." "Where did he take you?" "Somewhere near Toyota City."

 "What did he do to you?"

 "He pulled me out and dragged me into a garage. There he tied me up and raped me for over 3 hours.  And while he did so, he was taking beastly photos of me.  These were photos he'd later upload to all his friends on the internet.  Anyway, my Father found us there and beat the crap outta him. He then untied me and took me to the hospital."

"Do you see the suspect?"


 And Kumi pointed her finger at the defendant.

 "You bitch, I'll kill you!" Marvin shouted as he leaped up off the table and right towards her. She barely managed to escape, causing Marvin to hit the testimony bench in the jaw. He collapsed on the floor while the security guards picked him up and carried him out to a stretcher. "This trial is in recess," the judge shouted as he banged his gavel repeatedly.

For two days, Marvin Marley struggled to stay alive. He went into a coma at the end of the third day and died on Saturday night. So Marley had escaped Earthly justice, but he would have to stand before God and face his judgment. And there would be no escaping it there. At the funeral, the registry was signed by the clerk and the undertaker. Well, you can say that Marvin Marley was as dead as a doornail.


 You see...Marvin Marley had faked his own death...again! You see, Marvin had substituted a mannequin the first night after he'd been brought in. And when it was discovered that he was still alive, the judge was furious! Because 2 days later, he ruled that the trial was going on without the defendant....again! What do you know about that?


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