Friday, December 21, 2012


Thought I was gone, eh?  Well, guess what?  This story goes on!

After Marley disappeared into the night, people thought what had happened.  Well, guess what?  Marley had faked his own death...again!

In fact, he was hiding out near the Village of Beltsville, just outside Attleboro, Massachusetts and just across the state line from Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  Recently, the town fathers there decided to reimpose the blue laws, forcing big retail stores to close on Sundays and holidays(convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies, restaurants and bars, and the amusement places, among others were exempt from the new ordinance).  It was here that he'd started a new counting house.

Since he'd had trouble with all those people who'd caused him grief, he decided to make it a one man operation without being noticed by the feds.

"Blasted Christmas time again," Marvin snarled to himself.  "It's the same old thing every year; beggars begging for money, people asking me to buy things...and they expect me to pay for all this shit!"

"Merry Christmas, sir," a local police officer said.

"Bah, humbug!" Marvin shouted.

The cop hesitated before walking away.  He thought he'd seen that face before, but he didn't know who it was.

Going under the name of Charlie Craddock, he opened up his house called "Craddock, Inc."  It was a very gloomy one room suite, and nobody else worked there; the other rooms in the building were let out as ethnic groceries or cell phone stores.  As Marvin looked at the ledgers for one of the businesses that owed him money, his phone rang.

"Craddock speaking," Marvin grumbled.

"Craddock, you son of a bitch!" shouted the voice of an Indian woman.  "This is the 12th. checked you bounced in a row.  What have I told you?  One more, and you're outta here!"

"Woman," Marvin said.  "This is my office and..."

"I should remind you," the woman retorted, "that this is my building!  And you don't treat it with respect.  The lawyer will be calling you on Friday at noon, and you'd best have your sorry ass out of there on Monday at the close of business.  Have a nice day, Craddock!"

"Eat shit, bitch!" Marvin said as he slammed the receiver down.  Meanwhile, he looked in the Providence Journal Bulletin at the story of an American Nazi Party member named Dylan Campbell being tried for the murder of a Jewish teenager in Newport.  The prosecutor was seeking the death penalty for Campbell since the murder took place in a Newport Post Office, which is federal property.

"I hope that the bastard burns in Hell," he snarled.

There was a nock at the door.

"Stay out!" Marley shouted.

A young girl dressed in a white blouse and a pleated skirt came in.

"I told you to stay out!"

"Are you Mr. Craddock?"

"Yes, what do you want?"

"St. Philomena High School here in Beltsville is raising money to fund a hospital for small children and their families in Haiti.  I thought you'd mike to make a contribution."

"Get out!"


"Get out!"

The girl left bursting into tears.  Suddenly, the door was broken down.  She'd reappeared, and this time, she had a gun in her gun.

"Empty out your vault!  And don't try anything!"

Marvin pulled out a pistol and fired at her.  The girl ducked, and the bullet ricocheted into the traffic light, causing it to explode.  Realizing that her victim had a gun on him, she took off down the street and disappeared from view.

"Bank robbers!" Marvin said.  "Devils!"

Later that afternoon, one of the girl's relations burst into the office accompanied by 2 police officers.

"That's him!" the lady said.

"What are you talking about?" Marvin retorted.

"You killed my niece!" she screamed.  "You killed her!"

"Okay, Craddock, you're coming with us!" one of the cops said.  They apprehended him, cuffed him and took him down to the police station.  "You have the right to remain silent.  You have the right to the presence of an attorney."

Meanwhile, the girl in question was watching it all in a nearby pizza joint.  "Good thinking, Aunt Sally," she whispered to herself.

To be continued....

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