Thursday, February 4, 2010


"Don't lie to me, Marvin," Fezziwig said to Marvin Marley. "Everybody knows you tied up Kumi Tanaka and raped her on her first day in the USA. She wanted to take out a loan for a new house she'd bought down the street..."
"She was trying to rob me out of $5,000!" Marvin shouted.
"Kumi only wanted to get a loan..."
"I don't lend money to anybody from the Pacific Rim!"
"You are such a bigot!"
"Shut the fuck up, Fezz! Now let's talk about my being robbed by my late clerk...."
"Here we go again!"


"Hoya, hoya!" the man in black pantaloons shouted. "Docket #852109-3223123! People vs. Marvin Marley! Charges-multiple counts of capital murder, evasion of authority, and sexual assault and rape."
"Well," the judge said, "here we go again. How do you plead?"
"Not guilty, you honor," Marvin snarled.
"I've already put together a defense," his lawyer said. "But I'll wait until the trial begins."
"People on bail?"
"People request remand, your honor," the D.A. shouted.
"It is so ordered."

It happened that the D.A. was the brother of Kumi Tanaka Marley. He wanted to see his sister's wrong righted.

"Next case!"
"Hoya, hoya!"
"Knock it off!"

To be continued....

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