Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As the van that was bearing Marvin Marley back to the Charles Street Jail was crossing onto Harrison Avenue, a motorcycle hit it head on. The cyclist was pitched up into the air and killed when he hit the ground. The van ended up flipping over several times before stopping in the middle of a train track.
Once again, Marvin worked his chains off and escaped, leaving the helpless van driver and the officer responsible for him critically injured and unconscious. Suddenly, a freight train collided into the disabled van. As a result, the van flipped over several more times before falling into the lake near the railroad station. Both men drowned in the below freezing water.
Marvin saw a nearby Amtrak Acela train pulling out of South Station, but he decided against trying to hope on it, since it was going too fast. He ran back to the South Station platform and got on a local commuter rail train going to Providence. (Of course, he didn't have a ticket, so he decided to hide in the area between the engine room and one of the passenger cars.)

60 minutes later, Marley was in Rhode Island's capital, looking for a place to eat. On the way to the river area, he met a homeless man standing outside a Japanese grocery store.
"Spare a little change for the homeless?" he asked him.
"Get a job, ya bum!" Marley shouted. The homeless man kicked him in the face, sending him sprawling through the glass. Marvin moaned in paid. Suddenly, he felt his arms being pulled behind his back and cuffs being snapped on him.
To his shock, the homeless man was really a police officer.
"Okay, Marley!" he said. "I heard about your escape from Charles Street Jail. Once we get you back there, you're gonna stay there until you go to trial!"

After 2 hours on the road, Marvin Marley was back in the Charles Street Jail. This time, he was in solitary confinement. Nearby, two drug dealers who were waiting trial on drug smuggling charges looked at their new neighbor.
"Hey, there's that little white trash who killed his clerk!" one of them said as the cops were shoving Marley into his cell. "Take care of him, man!"

And so it came to pass that Marley's trial date was set for November 1st. And the people in the Charles Street Jail would do their best to keep him locked up. Unfortunately, they hadn't counted on the many ways that Marley had escaped. And on the night before his trial was to begin a few months later, that's what would happen...

To be continued....
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