Monday, December 22, 2008


The year is almost at an end, and the trial of Marvin Marley is at an impasse. Up until early June, the trial continued in absentia(which meant that Marley was out the lam). The judge in the case went to move for an indefinite dismissal...which means Marvin may never come to justice.

Since he bolted from the court room on the first day of opening statements, there have been several sightings of him in different parts of the globe. One sighting, around the 4th. of July, found him running through the streets of London; another one, near 9/11, showed him walking through an open air market in Terehan, Iran. And this last one, this past weekend, had him mingling with some kids at a Christmas market in Vienna.

And still, the family of David and Belle Crachit are still mourning their parents and wondering what will happen next...but to tell you the truth, no one knows.

As Bobby "The Brain(Weasel)" Heenan once said, "There's just no justice in this world!"

To be continued later on this week.

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