Monday, December 1, 2008


"I don't wanna do that!"
"Don't you want to be chased around by the secretaries in the leg..."
"I was gonna come in dressed in my pink underwear..."

The fighting started in the galleries and spread out into the courtroom, with punches flying and chairs being smashed in two.

"Order in the court!" the judge shouted.
"I'll have a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato," one of the spectators shouted.
"This is a courtroom," the judge retorted, "not a drive-in restaurant."
Suddenly, the lights went out and total chaos held sway. When the lights were turned back on, Marley was nowhere to be found.
"I want Marley captured!" the judge shouted. "Get going!"

Without being spotted, Marvin Marley sneaked over to the cargo terminal at Logan International Airport and stole one of the small Cessnas that were being repaired.
"Hey, come on," one of the maintenance men shouted. "You're not permitted to take off!"
But Marvin ignored the guy and drove past him. Within seconds, he headed over to the runway and took off in a quick and clean manner(three planes almost collided into each other).

By the time the cops had made it over, they were too late. Marley was in the air and on his way to a secret destination. Seconds later, an all points bulletin was issued by Metropol, calling for his arrest and return to the United States.

The district attorney made the bold decision to go ahead with the trial, with the defendant being absent.

To be continued....

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